Kaizen (Japanese for “improvement”) is a philosophy that focuses on continuous improvement throughout all aspects of life. This also forms the basis of our belief system that to be successful as a global leader, one needs to be willing to learn, absorb, grow and change oneself and ones milieu for the better.

In keeping with the “Kaizen Philosophy”, Kaizen Private Equity was established with an aim to making growth stage private equity investments in the Education sector in India, which, according to erstwhile finance minister Mr. P Chidambaram, is “the pillar on which rests the edifice of social sector reforms.”

Education is a growth sector and demand for education is relatively price inelastic. As a result, the sector is less affected by the recent market downturn and to that extent has emerged as fairly recession proof. With a rising population and low levels of government expenditure, there exists a large opportunity for private sector participation.