Building Partnerships

We view every management team and entrepreneur with whom we work as partners with a vested interest in growing the business. At the outset of every relationship, we ensure that our interests align with those of our partners.

We invest in opportunities in which we can build long-term economic alignment with the existing owners. We form trusted relationships founded on a shared commitment to excellence and growth. Together, we develop strategy and execute to build a sustainable competitive position. At the heart of our partnership approach is direct communication guided by honesty and transparency. Through candid dialog and a trusted relationship, we define obstacles and align our collective experiences to achieve optimal growth.

We typically work with:

  • Entrepreneurs looking to grow their companies
  • Industry professionals with a proven track record that are searching for a new platform
  • Founders of institutions and companies who seek a balance between liquidity and retaining an ownership interest for participation in future growth


We leverage our core competencies to focus on funds that encompass small and middle-market buyout transactions. Our investment strategy is to typically invest from $5M to $15MM of equity in each company with which we partner.