“With a global education market of almost $5 trillion and growing, investments have accelerated in new education models. In the U.S. alone, venture capital investments topped $1 billion in 2013, up tenfold since 2006. Specialized funds in education are growing in Asia and Latin America. Investors, increasingly attracted to the sector, are coming together with entrepreneurs seeking funding.”
In a discussion panel on Investors Supporting the Growth of Education Enterprises, Aneja had the opportunity to share Kaizen’s experience of evaluating and investing in the education businesses in India.
The IFC 6th International Private Education Conference, San Francisco, 2nd Apr, 2014

Aneja, speaker at discussion panel on Education: India’s Next Generation.
The Economist’s India Summit, New Delhi, 24th Apr, 2013

“An investor wouldn’t invest in a structure that is determined to be a non-profit organization,” Aneja.
Show Me the Money, Outlook India, 27th Oct, 2012

Redefining Universities: From Employability to Job Creation, From Single Campus to Several Including Virtual. By Aneja
Global Economic Symposium, Rio de Janeiro, 16th October 2012

Kaizen’s stake in Altus Learning and Calorx.
Time of India, 12th October 2012

Kaizen invests in Ace Creative Learning
Live Mint, 10th October 2012

Technology Can Serve Millions
Aneja on the 10th September 2012

Aneja spoke at the World Education Summit.
New Delhi, 23rd July 2012

Kaizen’s stake in Your Kids R Our Kids.
Live Mint, 15th June 2012

“At the IFC’s 5th Private Education Conference that was held in Dubai on the 6th and 7th March 2012, education experts discussed the challenges that faced both the private and public sectors.
IFC’s 5th Private Education Conference, 6th March 2012

Kaizen Elevates Lalvani to Executive Director
VC Circle, 3rd March 2012

“Education is likely to see significant investor interest in 2010 as this is the year when some education sector reforms are likely to be implemented. Investors sitting on the sidelines are waiting for cues from policy-makers,” said Sandeep Aneja, Managing director, Kaizen Management Advisors.
PE players eye education sector, Business Standard 3rd February 2010

“They (Funds) have also started reporting their investments to their clients. Wealthy corporates and family businesses know that their investments could lose value, but they want to be updated on their investments,” adds Sandeep Aneja, MD, Kaizen, a PE fund that will invest specifically in the education sector.
Smiling Again, Business Outlook India 28th January 2010

“If 250 million kids get left behind, it’s a liability for India and the world” Sandeep Aneja runs Kaizen, an Indian education investment fund. He warns of widespread unrest, an increase in terrorism, and a massive loss of development potential if half of India’s youth don’t gain access to quality education.
India’s Education Challenge has Global Consequences, The Huffington Post 23rd January, 2010

“It’s easier to raise funds here (India). The rest of the world is suffering from (a) cold,” said Aneja, co-founder, Kaizen Management Advisors Pvt. Ltd. “Most foreign LPs are not sure about their allocation for private equity and it will take some time before they have clarity on this.”
Indian fund managers prefer to raise capital from domestic investors, Live Mint 11th January 2010

“Kaizen wants to be different from all the schools here that focus more on building infrastructure, rather than building on moral principles.”
Egalitarian Educationist, The Week 27th December 2009

“Kaizen will target international investors who are keen to tap the massive recession-proof education sector in India. We are currently evaluating more than a dozen investment opportunities,” said Sandeep Aneja, MD, Kaizen Management Advisors.
Mutual Funds And Venture Capital Funds Updates Issue No.9, September 2009